Our History

Once upon a time in the year of our Lord, 1950 to be exact, a group of women who were friends and neighbors decided to become garden pixies. This group became The Pixie Garden Club with some 30 members.

The Founders of The Pixie Garden Club were Mrs. John F. O’Conner, Miss Mary L. Thorne, Mrs. A. D Conly, Mrs. Harry Stanley and Mrs. M. J. Musick. The first President was Mrs. Lewis Jaggi. One of the purposes of the Club was to have mothers and daughters actively participating in their own garden club. Through the years, many special friendships developed among the members.

After The Pixie Garden Club disbanded in 1967, there evolved a strong desire to keep these wonderful friendships active in some mutual endeavor. Eventually the idea of a service and social club was suggested and agreed upon. Thus, in 1969 a new club came into existence with approximately 65membersandwasveryappropriatelynamed“Mes Amies.”

The first President was Mrs. Jeanette Otis whose influence and ideas became a major force in the formation of Mes Amies. And so, in the years since, the friendships of yesteryear have happily multiplied like the flowers of the “Pixies.”

Anne Coleman, Member (Written in 1989)